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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Realizing You: A Novel Approach to Changing Your Life by Ron Doades and Susan Sloate is an engaging book that is motivational and uplifting. The author shares his thoughts on living through a story which makes it more relatable. Robby Aihn is the author of the runaway bestseller, Realizing You. Though his book speaks about the principles for good living, he finds his world is falling apart. His conference in Dallas attracts a wide audience, which also includes his estranged wife, his teenage daughter, a businessman and also his own co-author whom he had never noticed. All are searching for some meaning in their lives and move towards understanding and fulfillment.

The characters and the development of the story are entertaining and all the characters and the incidents are effective; it makes readers learn with them. I enjoyed the idea of having a story to impart the messages and ideas on how to improve ourselves and live an enriching life. Each character goes through various incidents and situations and the lessons that can be learned have been communicated with clarity; they can be picked up and understood easily by readers. Robby Aihn and his book will motivate all readers.

I enjoyed the book because, compared to other self help books, this one has a story that pulls in readers and makes it real. It is much easier to understand the concept because of the story that makes the thoughts more fluid and believable. An enjoyable and uplifting book with some realistic characters and situations which will help in changing your perspective about living.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


“It’s unusual to find a self-help book written as a novel, but Realizing You is just that, taking the drama and involvement of the novel format to document the paths of five fictional people who are challenged to accept and change their destructive behavior patterns.

“It’s important to note some genre history, here: business books were once solely issued as nonfiction and presented in formats often dry and inaccessible to readers. The relatively modern evolution ‘business fiction’ (within the last decade) succeeded in allowing these same dry concepts to assume new life with easier understanding as fictional protagonists in the business world struggled with business concepts and came to terms with challenges demanding new patterns of thinking.

“Ron Doades and Susan Sloate have achieved much the same for the self-help genre, paving the way for a new breed of ‘self-help fiction’ with their novel Realizing You, which uses a guru’s workshops and speech on self improvement to provide the impetus for protagonist revelations and changes.

“Readers become immersed in the story through its leader, author Robby Aihn, who has created a runaway best-selling book (Realizing You) and who tries to reconcile the clash between his newfound success and his five principles for living a good life. While the premise of his life and his book seem to coincide (“Simple but profound changes for a happier life.”), in reality his new status as a best-selling author involves complex situations Robby has not encountered before.

“Robby’s success gives him more distractions, less quality time, and more scheduled commitments which interfere with freedom and relaxation. He loves the attention and commendations and, as many gurus do, has amassed a crowd of worshipping followers who hang on his every word.

“Still, something is missing.and it’s a promised life-changing conference (based on a Realizing You book promotion tour) that promises to supply the answers and changes that Robby and others will need to further tweak their lives, goals, and psyches.

“For some, it’s coming to the realization that money – and success – aren’t the entire draws of a decision to walk away or commit. For others, it’s the journey and not the destination which is the whole purpose of positive living.

“As Robby brings the message in his book to live audiences, he emphasizes self-help insights readers, too, will find mesmerizing and involving: ‘I think too many of us-and I used to be guilty of this too-tend to think of our lives as something of a fairy-tale quest. If we want to find this important, life-changing information-and if we can simply hunt down the right book, the right tape, the right person who knows what we need to know and tells it to us-why, then, the journey will be ended and all our problems will miraculously vanish..(sic) believe me, that is not how life works. You always have another challenge in front of you, no matter how many you already put behind you.’

“The different perspectives of five protagonists all involved in the same basic quest, the insights they gain from their jobs, perspectives, and interactions with others (both on the same journey and outside of it), and the wide-ranging effects of a publicity tour for Realizing You makes for a vivid read filled with the insights of fiction couched in the reality of a self-help program designed to foster newfound connections, changed attitudes and perspectives, and deeper insights on life itself.

“From mind-body exercises to self-analysis approaches, Realizing You is, ultimately, the best format for absorbing hard lessons in self transformation. Expect new concepts neatly wrapped in fictional characters who are transformed. Expect a novel that moves beyond the boundaries and limits of fiction to impart wisdom and insight to any who imbibe.”

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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