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Self-Realization Assessment

We hope these self-assessment questions will help you to maximize the enjoyment and personal fulfillment you will gain from reading Realizing You.

We suggest that you answer the first set of questions before reading the book as this exercise will help you to establish the frame of mind for gaining the maximum value from it. After you are have answered the questions to your satisfaction, put them aside and enjoy reading the book. The second set of questions can only be answered after you have read Realizing You. Your answers to those questions will advance your self-assessment and help you prepare your self-improvement plan in acknowledging, confronting and resolving your most significant bad behavior habits.

Pre-reading questions

  1. What two-three of your behavioral habits/traits are you most satisfied with?
  2. What behaviors of others do you most admire? Why?
  3. Who is your favorite movie star? What behavior of that star do you most admire?
  4. What two-three of your behavioral habits/traits are you least satisfied with?
  5. Which of your behaviors do others most complain about? Do you think any of those behaviors are undermining or actually destructive to your relationships?
  6. Do you believe you have the power within you to change any of the behaviors listed in your answers to Questions 4 and 5?

Post-reading questions

  1. Which Realizing You character did you like the most? Why?
  2. Which character did you like the least? Why?
  3. Which character did you most relate to and/or empathize with?
  4. Did any of the book’s characters remind you of yourself and/or someone you know very well? Who and why?
  5. Have any insights into the behaviors of the main characters raised your level of awareness of your own behavior? If so, which behavior(s)?
  6. Which of the workshop exercises touched you the most deeply? Why?
  7. Do you relate to any of the five principles directly? If so, which ones?
  8. On a 1-10 scale, rate yourself where you are today on each of the five principles. Ask someone you know and trust very well to rank you as well. Do you see any differences between your self rating and that of the other person?
  9. Did the book help you to identify additional bad behavioral habits not directly related to the five principles? If so, what are those habits?
  10. Do you believe you have the power within you to change any of your significant bad behaviors?  And, do you feel emboldened to take positive actions?